Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Can our Education Guarantee that...?

My perspective on education is somewhat critical. I am raising questions regarding the achievements of the present education system. The questions in my mind are centered around the very purpose of being educated. I am not saying that nothing has been achieved so far. We owe, whatever progress we have made to the same education system.

Today, if we are able to communicate our views with lakhs of people in a matter of seconds, it’s because of education. Education in technology has broken down the barriers of caste and religion. My ability to use a mobile phone is not based on my caste or religious identity. The societal acceptance for slavery that existed over 500 years ago, did not survive thanks to education. There are many such credits for education. But there is a lot, what is not being done, what is yet to be delivered.

Today we have colleges and universities that can guarantee professional capacities of students who graduate from those institutes. IITs can guarantee that a Computer Science graduate is equipped to handle all kinds of problems related to programming. IIMs can guarantee that their graduates have the capacity handle management crises effectively. We have many such institutions that prepare students for performing their professional roles well. But can any of our institutes guarantee that their graduates will not become dishonest officers, doctors, engineers or managers? Can they guarantee their graduates will respect women and never commit sexual assault, never pollute the environment, never litter, never pick fights, never exploit people?

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